Royal Circuits Expands Flex Capabilities with Brand New Facility

March 15, 2019

Royal Circuits, a global manufacturer of high technology printed circuit boards, has completed the expansion of its flex division into a brand new, state of the art facility. Royal Circuits acquired the facility and completed a build-to-suit building improvement, which will allow a doubling of capacity as Royal Circuits expands its customer base and services for the next decade.

At a time where consolidation and closures are common in the PCB industry, Royal Circuits is one of the few companies that has expanded and built a brand-new facility, according to Scott Kohno, President of Royal Circuits’ Flex Division. “The exponential growth of the flex and rigid-flex market, together with our unique quick-turn ability gives Royal Circuits a very unique advantage in the marketplace” Kohno added. “We are able to produce rigid-flex circuits in less than 5-days and standard flex circuits in 3 days; and our customer from the Mil Aero and Medical are lined up for this delivery.”

About Royal Circuit Solutions

Royal Circuit Solutions is an expert at prototyping and developing new “first to market” products. It offers complete service from Application Engineering support to volume PCB manufacturing. The company also specializes in HDI technology includes Rigid and Flex-Rigid Printed Circuit Boards with blind vias, buried vias, micro-vias, vias in pad, copper filled micro-vias, resin filled vias, stacked vias, sequential build up and a full capability with high speed materials.